Easy Pichi-Pichi Recipe

Pichi-pichi Recipe

Kakanin or Native Delicacies that are usually made from glutinous ingredients have been a great part in the Philippine Culture. One of the classic favorites is Pichi Pichi. Different innovations have been made into this sticky and chewy snack, such as adding different flavors and colors, making it look more festive.

We normally find Pichi Pichi during Pinoy occasions like fiestas and the usual holidays. It is a must dessert or snack that goes with the spaghettis and hotdogs. If you often travel, you’ll even find different pasalubong shops having these as specialty, along the highway.

But let’s get traditional and learn the real recipe of Pichi Pichi. With a mixture of cassava, lye water and pandan, you can have your own festive afternoon snack right at home! All you need is a bit of steam for the mixture to cook and more importantly, the grated coconuts to complete this recipe, adding that extra texture. What are you waiting for, try this recipe now!

Study this amazingly easy recipe here:


  • 1 to 1/2 cups grated cassava
  • food coloring (optional)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 bundle of pandan leaves, boiled in 2 cups water until reduced to one cup, and cooled (or canned pandan concentrate, or a few drops of pandan essence in a cup of warm water)
  • 1/2 tsp lye water (lihiya)
  • grated coconut, for topping

Cooking Instructions:

  1.  Mix the sugar and the pandan flavored water and mix until sugar is dissolved. mix in the cassava and then add the lye water drop by drop mixing well as you do so.
  2. Pour into a mold or bowl that fits your bamboo steamer. steam until the mixture becomes translucent.
  3. While still hot scoop out the cooked mixture (use ice cream scoop or a tablespoon the same size as the scoop) and roll into grated coconut.

Image: AngSarap.net

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